(20pc) 3 and 5 Inch Combo Buffing & Polish Set

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This set of polishing/buffing wheels contains all you need to achieve a luster finish when applied with the correct liquid or wax compounds (not included). The pads are color coded by density to address different levels of damage/scratches to your surface your polishing. Higher density is for a more aggressive approach, lower for finer/finish polishing. From highest density to low, it is: white > orange > black > blue > red. Works well with almost any sort of drill and other polishing tools.

  • Mix pack with both 3" and 5" diameter buffing and polishing pads and mandrels!
  • Restores shine on wood, metal, painted, or gel coat surfaces
  • For both sizes, includes: 5 foam waffle pads, 1 solid foam pad, 2 soft cotton buffing pads, 1 drill mandrel, & 1 velcro backed pad (hook and loop)
  • Work up from cleaning to a hardened shine with all that is needed. See diagram for density of pads.
  • 12,000 RPM max