Metallic Wools

At Rogue River Tools™, we take pride in the products we distribute. We carry a wide variety of abrasive and finishing wools composed of brass, copper, bronze, steel, and stainless steel materials. Almost all of our products are made in and distributed from the USA*. You can have confidence you are buying quality with Rogue River Tools™


Some common uses for our products include:

  • ​Cleaning & shining metal with or without cleaning compound
  • Polishing fine metallic surfaces without fear of scratching or scouring
  • Applying teak oil or wax to woodwork
  • Cleaning and polishing glass or mirrors with or without a liquid agent
  • Cleaning& polishing glazed tile
  • Excellent for marine or outdoor use as products do not rust (standard steel wool products excluded)
  • Copper wool is soft and can be used for things such as polishing gun bluing 
  • Wide range of grades (extra fine 4/0 all the way to coarse) for many applications
Visit each of the pages below for more details on the abrasive products we offer
*some products are in and imported from Europe