Bronze Wool Pads (3pc)

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The Rogue River Tools Bronze Wool Pads are made using a high performance bronze alloy shaved to form a high quality metallic wool. Bronze wool pads are great for polishing all types of metallic and wood surfaces and their associated finishes. Make sure to only polish materials that are of the same metallic hardness or higher (polishing softer metals may scratch or scour them). These pads are long lasting and responsibly made in the USA.

  • A soft, reusable set of bronze wool pads for polishing, buffing, cleaning, etc.
  • Great for woodwork, glass, ceramic, tile, metal, or other general cleaning and smoothing
  • Actually removes corrosion! Won't leave rust or stain the project like regular steel wool
  • Excellent for marine and outdoor use where rust is a concern! No rusty remains!
  • Fine compares to #0 ~ #00, Medium compares to #1 ~ #2, Coarse compares to #3 ~ #4