Aluminum 3.5oz (100gr.) Skein/Wads

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Rogue River Tools Aluminum Wool is oil free, long strand wool that is crumble resistant and made from the highest quality material. Excellent for aircraft and other fine aluminum surfaces. Reusable and designed to easily produce and maintain a professional looking finish.

  • 3.5oz (100gr) Skein/Wad/Pad; one wad of continuous fibers approximately 1" that can be unwound and cut for specific usage
  • Very mild abrasive- polish and remove corrosion on glass, tile, other metals, wood, and more
  • Excellent for aircraft and aluminum hull boats, will not stain or rust!
  • Especially designed for anything that needs a soft touch and no scratches
  • Won’t Rust, Made in Europe from Aluminum Alloy, USA product