Brass Wool 1lb Rolls

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Rogue River Tools Brass Wool is oil free, long strand wool that is crumble resistant and made from the highest quality material. Ideal for fine wood finishes, cleaning glass, or brightening dull metal surfaces. Reusable and designed to easily produce and maintain a professional looking finish. This material is so gentle it can be used directly on glass surfaces without sprays. On metal surfaces, the brass wool brightens by removing only the oxidized layer of metal without scratching even soft metals like copper and aluminum. Excellent for marine or outdoor uses since worries about steel wool fibers can rusting or staining exterior surfaces are not an issue. Made in USA!

  • Polishes and cleans stainless steel, brass, chrome, and more!
  • Removes oxidation or strips paint where a softer touch is needed, excellent for marine projects
  • Use with patina for metal work or apply teak oil or wax to woodwork
  • Reuse repeatedly for the same tasks and uses. Contains one roll of continuous fibers/ribbon approximately 3" wide that can be unwound and cut for specific usage.
  • Crumble resistant and virtually oil free, Made in the USA!