Burnish & Buff Hand OR Drill Brush

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Choose between the Rogue River Tools Burnish & Buff Hand Brush OR the Burnish & Buff Drill (Pine) Brush. One, or both, of these tools are what you need to gently bring your finish to the high luster you desire. Designed specifically for buffing furniture/woodwork waxes and oils, these brushes are filled and stuffed with Tampico bristles that are 20% denser than most. Our hand brush has a hard wood block shaped to fit the hand comfortably- similar to a shoe brush in appearance. The Drill Brush, is stoutly built, with longs bristles. Both work very well on flat surfaces, AND there is nothing better around carvings and moldings for buffing wax to a nice, lustrous shine.

  • Designed specifically for buffing & burnishing wax and oils applied to woodworking & furniture
  • Stiff, densely-packed Tampico bristles
  • Hand Brush has an ergonomic pine hand block shaped to fit in the hand comfortably
  • Perfect for uses where you are trying to achieve a high, hard luster on your wax finish
  • Drill brush (Pine Brush) is great with a variable speed drill; try low speeds first. Much faster than the hand brush! 9/16" shaft; 4” diameter, 1 ⅞” Tampico bristle length
  • Hand brush wood handle measures 6-1/4" x 2-3/8" x 7/8"; Tampico bristles length 1-3/8"